Sunday, October 30, 2011


We were back in the Gobi desert but instead of having the violent storms surrounding us on all sides while we were in a relative calm in the center of it, we were on the edge of that calm center and in the middle of the maelstrom itself. Blinding, cutting sand and hideous lightning striking with improbably rapid succession, far too close for comfort. Progress was slow and difficult. Harlan looked to be the worst for wear and on the verge of giving up. I couldn't find Gunnar anywhere. Laurel erected some kind of energy shield and we started to make better progress, but I could tell with all the energy contained in the storm, Laurel's shield would not hold out indefinitely.

We approached close enough to see Pan off in the distance, as well as the time Avatar, and possibly ourselves? Can't be certain of that, though. Something in the air above caught my eye and I noticed Gunnar riding a Griffin, very high above us, and above the storm clouds. He was pointing in the direction of Pan; Laurel waved back and gave a quick thumbs up to show she had seen the same thing. The noise was still deafening all around us.

And then just as suddenly, everything fell still and quiet, the scene changed, and we were on a city street in Wu-Hai...with Gunnar hanging in mid-air, sans Griffin, and with a very surprised look on his face.

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