Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jumping Jack Frost

Somehow, the time rift flung us into the far future. We encountered a figure familiar to Gunnar, Laurel, and Harlan from their travels in Norway and beyond. A visage I later learned they had previously identified as Jack Frost. There was some tense parley, questions and counter-questions before "Jack" accepted our story that we had genuinely come from the past and were going to need some help to get a little caught up on current events.

Jack's appearance changed and before us stood a hearty young man with familiar features, clad in princely Irish regalia that indicated his day of succession, taking over as guardian of Mag Mell had already transpired. Gunnar and Laurel had yet more questions and learned some startling things, but before we could question Brendan Gair further, the time rift opened yet again and we were flung back to our time...

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