Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Man from Moneygall

So anyway, I managed to make my way all the way across the US, from the West Coast to the East Coast. Now I'm able to actually read Japanese instead of only speaking it. I started off reading children's Manga and by the end of my trip I was thumbing through Miyamoto Musashi's Five Rings, in the original. Also happened to chat up a nice Japanese business traveler on my way to DC.

I met up with the other band members and we were ushered into the White House. Since Ireland has good relations with the US, plus my being an INTERPOL man, the fact that I was a foreigner seemed to be no great hindrance...though I admit I was a little star struck when I met the President. This man who had recently paid tribute to his family roots back in Moneygall, Ireland, and evoking memories of another American President who visited the Emerald Isle ages ago with the Irish surname of Kennedy...

Anyway, we arranged to meet a Los Angeles Class Sub somewhere in the Atlantic; our mission was to seek out what we suspected was one of Tesla's soul-sucking devices that we theorized was at the bottom of the Atlantic and responsible for the recent East Coast earthquake. We also met the kids but made them stay on the surface with Dorothen on the boat.

Oh wait, now I remember...Harlan didn't go do his thing in New York until after all this, because of whom we met after we took care of business below...right...gosh, it's so hard to keep track of that guy...what else can you expect from a Scion of Loki, am I right?

Anyway, down below was...interesting. Had to play lots of "telephone" since only Laurel and I could communicate without the need of equipment, and there was a shortage of equipment, and...

Oh yeah, Laurel and Harlan briefly died when I pushed them beyond the barrier, which I was only able to do because of now having the aforementioned Death Senses. We quickly evacuated them back to the submarine and were able to revive them. I performed CPR on Harlan and brought him back. Kassandra revived Laurel, who related what had happened and also that Azzeeza was there and we had to get her out, so back into the deep we went, Nate and I adjusting the rod settings and out popped Azzeeza. We brought her back to the surface with us, and young Brendan Gair was so happy to see her again.

We next ran into one of Kane's flunkies in a fancy boat who said all kinds of pretentious crap. Harlan later showed us how he was able to steal the likeness right off this guy's face, who was himself a body double for's all really weird sh*t and I don't pretend to understand half of it. Harlan indicated he was headed next to NYC to "go f*ck stuff up for Kane"...and Kassandra would be going with, along with Ciara, who indicated her mom would be sending her on a quest soon to restore her broken geas from the Wolfsheim incident.

After we got back to the DC area, we debriefed the Prez, then proceeded to a mystical "Henge" in Virginia, which led us to a connection to what is known as the Great Henge...where we faced off opposite Kane, Ixion, and Cordelia as well. Words were exchanged, things got a little heated, and Nate got attacked by this white mask that did a kind of face-hugger attack on him and Nate went just a tad crazy for a time....frankly I'm still not sure he's back 100% where he was...if I recall the entity's name was Mikaboshi or something similar. Anyway, when Mikaboshi went all ape-shit on Nate's face, that apparently broke some divine Geas that governs all Great Henges and that being that they are neutral, holy ground and you don't start up shit on neutral, holy ground. Not even Titanspawn. Even Titanspawn have to follow the rules of the universe, apparently. Anyway, those guys had to GTFO in a hurry, which was good because I think that would've been a tough fight since we were down to a skeleton crew at the time and lacking our heaviest hitter, Ciara.

We then had an hour to kill before the Henge could send us back anywhere. I decided to talk strategy with Gunnar and Laurel while crazy Nate rocked himself and mumbled and drooled a bit...sometimes murmuring in Japanese, sometimes in English...and even though I understood the words perfectly in both languages, they didn't cohere together in either language either.

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