Sunday, October 23, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the Mongolian Embassy...

We came to in a Wu-Hai youth hostel, sharing a room with one Feng T'ien, whose appearance matched a vision Nate had revealed to us earlier.

Feng turned out to be a break-all-the-rules kind of Scion in more ways than one. He is a son of Sun Wukong (of Celestial Bureaucracy fame) but was adopted by Chernobog (of the Rus) and instructed by Veles.

He possessed an interesting claw that seemed of similar make to one the band had seen before, namely that speedy fecker in New Orleans we thought we'd killed then later met on his boat in the harbor bound back to Japan.

He alluded to Veles working with whomever Nathan Pritchert seem to have been making deals with after repossessing Nathan’s shadow. Yeah, that was something new I forgot to mention. Nate has no shadow now. Said it happened as a result of a special deal he worked out to prevent a nuclear reactor in New Jersey from going critical.

I spoke with Feng in Russian and he turns out to speak it fluently as well. I alluded to the Sino-Russian conflict and how it must especially be difficult for him, with a foot in both camps, so to speak. He just smiled and rather dodged my question politely. He indicated the role of Mongolia as an important game piece in the conflict, and that recently something mysterious happened at the Mongolian Embassy, with all of the embassy staff dying en masse but with no signs of violence or forced entry. The police had sealed off the area but whatever happened probably has traces of the divine, so these mortals might as well be Keystone Kops in trying to figure this one out. Feng indicated to all of us that it would be a good idea to apply our combined Scion wits to the investigation and get over there posthaste. Sure, it was a sealed crime-scene area and technically illegal, but...

We made our way through the city streets, with Feng leading the way. Of course, the rest of us being non-Chinese, we stuck out and were noticed by the natives, but there wasn't much we could do about that.

We pushed past the security tape and made our way to the front door of the Embassy. Feng picked the security lock of the chained door in seconds, looked back with a smile and pulled the door open, which is when everything went sideways and the Embassy vanished and we got sucked yet again to some other place in space-time...

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