Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little Trouble in Big China

So upon leaving the Great Henge, Nate went back to the 'States to collect Harlan and Kassandra, while Gunnar, Laurel and I resolved to make our way to China to investigate Pan's alleged activities; we would get their via Italy and Greece first. Italy, because that was where the nearest Henge was when we exited into Europe. Our first stop would be Athens, Greece. We'd managed to break Marie free from the other band in the Great Henge and Laurel was determined to bind her securely on her pantheon's home turf in the mortal world so she could collect her later. Laurel also had a chance to speak to Apollo, who gave her some advice. I was only half-listening, so don't look to me for an accurate assessment of all that.

Amazingly, though, on the time it took us to traverse the route from our drop-off point in Italy to reach Greece, I was able to learn and master Mandarin Chinese, both spoken and written...via some helpful books on the subject I picked up in Italy, having learned Italian earlier in my travels.

We boarded the Olympic Air flight bound for Beijing via New Delhi, India but whilst still airborne and before even touching down in Beijing, we suddenly found ourselves in what looked to be the Gobi Desert, surrounded on all sides by the most intense thunderstorm activity I've ever seen...on a large sandy plane...with none other than the Greek God Pan himself (now adorned in some funky new armor) and a strange, angelic figure I took to be some kind of Avatar...of Time?

Yeah, then things started to get a little weird....

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