Saturday, July 16, 2011

Achtung, Baby! Part 8.

I showed the silver .223 shells to Harlan in the top of the M-16 magazine, then inserted it into the M4 carbine, pulled the charging handle, loading it, and clicked the safety on.

I handed it to Harlan and said, "Do I assume correctly you know how to use one of these?"

"Of course", said Harlan, slinging it over his shoulder. Wouldn't make sense for us to march in with my M-16 still strapped to my own back, after all.

I pulled out my full magazine of silver tipped 9mm for my Sig 226 showed Ciara.

"want any?"

Ciara looked with disdain and said "I don't need guns to do my job."

"Suit yerself.", I said, ejecting the regular magazine, racking the slide to eject the chambered lead round, and then inserting the all-silver tipped magazine and hitting the slide release, chambering the first silver round. I concealed my Sig 226 in the small of my back, under my jacket.

"I should probably also hypnotize you to make this sound convincing.", said Harlan.

Ciara and I reluctantly agreed.

"Also, one of you should probably hit me in the face so I can sell this cock & bull story to Krieger a little easier."

Ciara slugged him without further ado or discussion.

"Fuck!", said Harlan with a bit of anger and annoyance. Ciara shrugged and offered Harlan her make-up mirror. Harlan accepted it and looked himself over, rubbing his aching jaw..."Yeah, that'll do it. Thanks, babe.", he said, tossing the mirror back.

Ciara caught it in midair and replied cooly...
"You're welcome, and don't call me babe, you sexist pig."

I handed the silver rod to Aisling and told her to remain in the clearing with Nevermore until we signaled them the all-clear. Aisling agreed.

Nate would go on slightly ahead of us to be in position to offer himself in place of the priestess's daughter.

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