Saturday, July 16, 2011

Achtung, Baby! Part 7

"Trust me, this is going to work", said Harlan, a bit exasperated.

"Run it by me again, so I understand it better", I said.

"I'm going to march us back into town, bound by ropes, and tell Krieger that you kidnapped me but I turned the tables on you and captured you because I need your Ichor to complete the magic spell that can break the barrier currently surrounding this place.", explained Harlan.

"That sounds utterly crazy.", objected Ciara.

"Crazy enough to work?" said Harlan, with hope.

"Crazy enough to get us all shot.", I said, flatly.

I argued that we should all volunteer to replace all of the kids for Kindernacht and tell some Werewolf bullies to pick on someone their own size for once.

Harlan argued that while that makes for a nice fairy tale, it won't necessarily bring Krieger in at close range where we can set him up and kill him.

Ciara indicated that she or someone with piloting skills could fly the kids to safety with her special keychain. I looked dumfounded.

"That car I drove in SFO?", Ciara began

"Yeah?" I said.

"That's THIS thing...", she said, showing me the key-ring. "It also can transform into a motorcycle or a helicopter."

I said I didn't believe it and to show me the chopper. Ciara complied. She even took me for a brief flying lesson. After a few minutes at the controls, I had the basics down and asked if I could do the landing. Ciara looked at me incredulously, but agreed. I came in for a picture perfect landing.

"I didn't know you were a pilot..." said Ciara.

"Neither did I, until a few minutes ago.", I said. "But I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express in Las Vegas once, for the great Gods Conference thing awhile back...."

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