Saturday, July 16, 2011

Achtung, Baby! Part 6

Nate took off on reconnaissance that very night; Because he's much better at all that sneaking around stuff. Nate managed to break into Krieger's office and come back with a very old letter, partly damaged by insects eating it through the years, evidently from the late 1930s, and penned by none other than the somewhat mad and eccentric inventor Nikola Tesla himself. Harlan explained he was going to try to convince the Goblin king to lend his hand in a coordinated assault upon the Nazi werewolves of Wolfsheim. He performed the same odd dance the goblins had done and disappeared.

The next day, Nate had more successes sneaking around Wolfsheim. He spoke to the mayor in private and gained some valuable intel on where we could finally find the missing penitents of The Morrigan. Indeed, Nate had managed to find the daughter of one of the priestesses. Nate had also found out that the long-ago ritual of Kindernacht (the ritual sacrifice of children) that Ciara and I had read about in the library was evidently co-opted by the Nazi werewolf SS squad and the ritual is continued to this day, only now the children are hunted by the werewolves in their true form instead of by the goblins, who are kept away by military force. Evidently, it is possible for a adult to replace a child by volunteering to be hunted in their place. Nate had promised the young priestess's daughter he would serve as her proxy so she would not be hunted that night.

Nate was able to show Ciara and I the way to meet where the Coven of The Morrigan assembled to pray. Ciara greeted them first, in Gaelic, explaining who she was and who had sent her. Ciara was embraced happily by all of the priestesses, who wept for joy, declaiming that their prayers had been heard and answered. I got the distinct impression Ciara didn't like such overt physical contact, at least not in public. She didn't pull away, but just endured the embraces with a quiet, patient dignity. Nate and Nevermore emerged from the clearing and the Priestesses were on guard. I stepped out as well and re-assured them in Gaelic, motioning towards myself and the other two: "We are friends", I said.

"I'm Irish", I said in Gaelic, "and these are my friends."

" 'Allo, 'allo." said Nevermore cheerfully.

One of the Priestesses scowled and said in German, "He's British?"

I reassured in Gaelic, "Yeah, he's a right English bastard, but he tries not to call me Paddy or Mhic very much so I guess he's an alright chap..."

The priestesses produced a solid silver rod, explaining they'd taken it from the statue in the middle of town not two weeks ago. Nate put 2 and 2 together from what the mayor had said, and we all realized that this act is what had made Wolfsheim into a giant magical roach motel, only one way in, no way out. This metal rod would have to be reunited to open the barrier and let us escape.

I asked Nate if maybe he could speak to the "Kami" of the rod; I don't pretend to understand it, but it's this Japanese belief that spirits inhabit every object, that everything contains within it a spark of life-force. Nate addressed the rod and it came seemingly to life. The rod answered truthfully about what it knew of its own function and that it was really keen on being reunited with it's "brother", i.e. the statue. We reassured the Kami that we were really keen on that as well.

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